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Personal Marketing-Branding

Explore CNM's collection of documents and website materials using the hyperlinks below. 


Marketing Plan Workbook, PDF Click Here

The CNM Marketing Plan Workbook is a comprehensive guide that takes you step-by-step through the essential elements of a successful marketing plan. It begins with capturing vital contact information and defining your professional objective. You'll then explore preferred titles and create a powerful positioning statement to showcase your unique value. The workbook delves into identifying and highlighting your competencies, followed by a detailed analysis of your target market and preferred target companies. With this workbook, you can craft a strategic and effective marketing plan that positions you for success in your career and personal brand development.

Marketing Plan Template, DOC Click Here

This template is a supplement to the CNM Marketing Plan Workbook. It allows you to fill in your information so you can develop a well organized plan that aligns with your career goals.

Marketing Plan Template, DOC Click Here

Example of a Marketing Plan template.

Personal Brand Examples, PDF Click Here

Alex Harrington, GCDF, CCSP, a CNM presenter, shares suggested personal brand statements for various professional job titles.

Finding & Telling your Story in Today's Market, PDF Click Here

Alex Harrington, GCDF, CCSP, CNM presenter, explains how finding, embracing, and telling your story is paramount today in making a successful career transition. He reviews insights on personal branding and STAR stories.

CNM Employee Referrals, PPT Click Here

CNM Executive Director Bob Korzeniewski provides his top three networking themes: Marketing Plan, Networking, and Employee Referrals.

Job Search Tune-Up, PPT Click Here

CNM Executive Director Bob Korzeniewski provides his insights on Marketing Plan, Resumes, Interviewing, LinkedIn, Networking, and Balance.

The Muse Visit Website

The Muse is an online career platform that provides a wide range of resources and tools to help professionals navigate their careers and find new job opportunities. It offers expert advice on various career-related topics, including job search strategies, resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, interview tips, career growth, and work-life balance. The Muse also features company profiles and job listings, making it a valuable platform for job seekers and professionals seeking to advance in their careers.

Cultivated Culture Visit Website

Founder of Cultivated Culture, Austin Belcak teaches people how to land jobs they love without connections, without “traditional experience,” and without applying online. He offers advise from job search strategies, resumes, networking and provides free tools to analze your personal branding. If you're seeking assistance on your LinkedIn profile, here's an article for you. How to Write a Crazy Effective LinkedIn Headline [19+ Examples] 



CNM Simple Resume Template, DOC Click Here

CNM has created its own resume template to assist job seekers in differentiating themselves from other applicants. More information on this template can be found in Chapter 6 of the CNM Job Search Manual. CNM explains that your resume is different from the marketing plan covered in Chapter 5 of the CNM Job Search Manual.

Sample Executive Resume, DOC Click Here

Robert Wilkes shares a sample Executive Resume template with Key Accomplishments Summary and Executive Insights sections.

Resume Strategy From Your Next Jump, PDF Click Here

Tim Lo, is a CNM presenter and Co-Founder of Your Next Jump, a SBA 8(a) certified company providing human resources, professional branding, and career coaching services. Tim Lo provides his resume strategy insights, sample resume templates, and a YouTube channel recording of the Your Next Jump Strategy.

CLG Recruiting YouTube Channel Visit Website

Melanie Woods, head of recruiting company CLG Recruiting and a CNM presenter, shares some of her best job advice via her YouTube channel. Her channel has 200+ short videos on every aspect of a job search, including how to apply for specific companies. A MUST-SEE resource for all job seekers!

One resource is the Elevate Your Job Search in 2024 with Our Proven #resume Format! #jobsearch. In this video, she walks through the different resume parts, explains why they are the way they are, and and will even send you a word doc of the template for your use. Full Disclosure: she requests your email address via a Google Form to obtain the file.

Resume Worded Visit Website

Resume Worded uses AI to analyze your resume, LinkedIn profile, CV, and gives you a critique on its effectiveness and how it will score with an ATS. Both free and paid versions are available.

Jobscan-Resume-LinkedIn Analzyer Visit Website

Jobscan allows you to upload your resume and a job description to the site and provides a critique on your resume along with tips to improve your chances of getting through the ATS. Both free and paid versions are available.

Zety Visit Website

Zety is a online resume builder with a blog that features free professional advice from career experts. It has the info you need to help to write your resume. Author, Maciej Duszynski, CPRW shares his list top list of Transferable Skills in the article, Transferable Skills: Definition & 50+ Examples for a Resume, 6/21/2023

Wendy Enelow's Resources Visit Website

This site has a wealth of articles, resume samples, and books. Digging Deep: How to Uncover Critical Accomplishments to Make Your Resumes Shine is helpful to designing your Work experience section.

University of Washington's Career Resources Visit Website

Matt Youngquist, Founder and President of Career Horizons, shares insider information via his four-part webinar series, Transformation Tuesdays, on how to revamp your resume and other essential skills.

The National Résumé Writers' Association Visit Website

Ask the Experts features cutting-edge strategies for job seekers from experts at the Résumé Writers' Association, the only nonprofit organization for professional resume writers.



T-Bar Format for a Cover Letter, DOC Click Here

A T-Bar Cover Letter Format is an alternative style to the traditional paragraph-style cover letter. It presents content in a table format, creating a visual representation of how the applicant's skills and qualifications match the job requirements.



LinkedIn_Tools Training, PPT Click Here

Jerry Jones, a CNM presenter, shares a comprehensive LinkedIn presentation (151 slides) entitled Tug of War to Get LinkedIn On Your Side. For this category, he outlines the essential strategies for optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Key sections of his PPT include Slides 33-38, 74, 92-100, 140, and 148. The presentation also delves into various topics such as networking, posting, LinkedIn mechanics, name change, hashtags, and much more. These key PowerPoint sections can also be found in the Networking-Social Media category.

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