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Welcome to CNM's Job Resources Page! Explore expert advice, templates, interview tips, job search strategies, and much more. 


Use the search feature or scroll down to find what you need. Navigate easily with our categorized resources. 


Let CNM be your trusted partner in exploring the ever-evolving job market and taking confident strides toward your dream career! 

Top CNM Job Resources

Use these resources to: * Explore the top CNM links and other materials.

Transition Support

Use these resources to: * Seek transition support and job forums. * Explore financial planning tools, well-being resources, and caring ministries aid. * Engage with expert coaching, support groups, and accountability teams.

Personal Career Discovery

Use these resources to: * Unveil your potential through self-assessment. * Explore career alternatives. * Identify your transferable skills and align your passions with potential professions for a purposeful career path ahead.

Personal Marketing-Branding

Use these resources to: * Craft a standout resume. * Create compelling cover letters. * Optimize your LinkedIn profile to make a lasting impression on potential employers. * Create an impactful marketing plan to shape a strong personal brand that aligns with your career goals and sets you apart in the job market.

Networking-Social Media

Use these resources to: * Embrace the power of social media platforms such as LinkedIn to build meaningful connections, expand your reach and develop your personal branding. * Master elevator pitches, informational conversations, interviews, impactful thank-you letters, and essential negotiation strategies to secure favorable job offers and advance your career confidently.

Career Development-Essential Skills

Use these resources to: * Discover resources for continuous career growth. * Excel in your new job in your first 90 days. * Access tips to thrive professionally through continuous learning, training, certifications, and essential soft skills such as communication, problem solving, and emotional intelligence.

Federal Jobs

Use these resources to: * Tailor your marketing materials for a career in the federal sector. * Learn more about other helpful tools.


Use these resources to: * Explore a diverse array of supplementary resources to enhance your career transition. This collection covers a wide range of valuable tools, specialized materials, templates, and expert job search tips.
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