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Discover the transformative impact the Career Network Ministry through the authentic voices of our members. CNM has helped thousands of career professionals build meaningful connections and develop job search skills that have opened doors to their next career path. Read the firsthand experiences from  members who have thrived in their careers, thanks to the unwavering support and valuable resources CNM offers. 


Your journey is unique, which is why we invite you to share your success story. We want to know what you learned about your job search that can inspire others on their path to professional success. 

I can't believe that this resource exists. It is extremely high-caliber and professional. I have recommended it to anyone I know looking to make a career change, get promoted, or find a job.


I'm a Canadian that recently learned about CNM on Meetup. I have found the workshops to be highly informative & the volunteers hosting the workshops to be highly supportive & knowledgeable. The workshops have helped to renew my energy to continue with the job search. I have overhauled my LinkedIn profile & informed my contacts of my job search.


Thank you for all the help CNM provided in my job search! I will definitely be recommending the program for any of my friends or colleagues who find themselves searching for a job in these trying times!


I can attest that the volunteers and job seekers at CNM have been invaluable in my job search. And it is all virtual right now which makes it easy to attend events.


I want to thank you all for your help and support in my journey. Finding the right opportunity has been a longer-term process than I had initially imagined, but one in which I’ve personally grown and benefitted. And I’m thankful to have joined your group with the commitment, guidance, and compassion you provided. If anything, the current environment underscores how well we can provide remote support to one another.


Thank you for all your help and encouragement! I really appreciated CMN and you.


A wonderful supportive, effective group of people that lift me up and gives me new ideas every week.


The entire CNM program is the best supportive program that I have ever been a part of and that all the volunteers are so professional, compassionate, and willing to help with any of your career needs. I am telling everyone I see about CNM and how special this Job Search program is and that it is all about the wonderful efforts you all put in! Thank you and God Bless all of you!


I want to send a big thank you to you and your team at CNM. Everyone has been so caring and helpful to me. I feel so much better about my future than I did 2 weeks ago.


Thank you for all the help CNM provided in my job search! I feel truly blessed that I found the group. I will definitely be recommending the program for any of my friends or colleagues who find themselves searching for a job in these trying times! If I can give back to CNM and help another member in their search, I'm happy to do so!


Great group of volunteers! Very knowledgeable and helpful.


This ministry is an absolute marvel and answer to many people's prayers. When we hit the end of a job and have no idea what to do next, these people understand and are polished professionals who volunteer hours of their time each week to help us out who are in need. And the free notebook on necessary steps to take to find the next career/job is also a wonderful gift full of wisdom and guidance.


CNM was incredibly, incredibly helpful along my job search path. I could not have done it without them. Most importantly I’ve learned that you can’t go at it alone. It’s a team effort.


CNM provided the emotional and professional support I really needed during my job search. It’s an amazing organization with great people!

Lee Ann

CNM is THE lifeline everyone doesn’t even know they need!


Thanks so much for all you are doing for all of us in CNM. This ministry is a life saver!


The past few months had its unique challenges and unforeseen circumstances, but I was able to manage it and move along only because of your support, advice, kindness, efforts, time, and dedication as well as the support of my wonderful family. You have become part of my family and I sure will miss seeing you. I have enjoyed the sessions, webinars, Zoom meetings, and have learned a lot from each and every one of you. I will never forget all you have done and hope I can similarly contribute to others moving forward.


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