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We’re thrilled to welcome you to Career Network Ministry! Whether you're a seasoned expert or just beginning your journey, we're here to support you in preparing for your dream job and advancing your career.


As you participate in our weekly Zoom meetings, in-person events, LinkedIn group discussions, the CNM Community group forum, social media discussions, or other networking activities of Career Network Ministry, we want to ensure a positive and enriching experience for all participants.


TRANSPARENCY MATTERS: For open communications, we require all participants to use real names and emails when registering and joining our workshops, webinars, weekly meetings, etc.


EMBRACE INCLUSIVITY: Career Network Ministry takes pride in our global community, which values diverse cultures, faiths, attitudes, and perspectives. Please treat one another with respect and consider the impact of your words on others.


RESPECT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Refrain from sharing screenshots from our Zoom calls on social media, presentation slides, handouts, or other materials without proper authorization.


AVOID SELF-PROMOTION: We do not permit self-promotional content, including links to external websites and spamming the group. Our focus is on fostering genuine connections, sharing resources, and supporting others. This is not the venue for commercial solicitation, advertising products or services, or for personal profit or gain including promoting surveys for product or content research.


ENGAGE IN MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS: Share your experiences, insights, and expertise; actively listen to others; give credit to others if their ideas or insights apply to your own; and ask relevant questions. Your contributions can inspire and help others in their professional journeys.


EXTRA TIPS AND BEST PRACTICES: Adhere to instructions made by the organizer and presenter such as muting yourself to reduce background noise, using the chat feature for questions or comments, and raising your hand to speak.


We encourage constructive feedback so we can enhance future services, events, and workshops. Go to our Contact Us page and give us your comments and suggestions.


Thank you for supporting Career Network Ministry! We look forward to connecting with you, the valuable contributions you’ll bring to our discussions, and the positive impact you’ll have on other career professionals.

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