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Transitions can be unsettling, leaving you uncertain about the path ahead. Your CNM Job Search Accountability Team is here to guide you! To successfully navigate, you must have a plan and a supportive team to help you implement that plan.

By developing a plan for success, implementing that plan, being accountable to it, and overcoming any unexpected hurdles the likelihood of achieving your goals increases. As you craft your plan, understand its potential to change as you learn and grow over the upcoming 10 weeks.

Before the first meeting, we ask our team members to complete several activities. These activities help you develop a strategic goal or objective and gives your Team leaders some insights to effectively support you. In your first session, Team leaders will guide you on creating weekly SMART goals that align with your strategic goal. 

Clarity reduces anxiety and increases confidence. When you are clear about your goals and the long and short-term steps needed to reach them, you can commit and fully engage.
Let’s get started!

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