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Networking-Social Media

Explore CNM's collection of documents and website materials using the hyperlinks below. 


CNM Employee Referrals, PPT Click Here

CNM Executive Director Bob Korzeniewski provides his top three networking themes: Networking, Marketing Plan, and Employee Referrals. Sample Networking Email Template Included.

Job Search Tune-Up, PPT Click Here

CNM Executive Director Bob Korzeniewski provides his insights on Resumes, Marketing Plans, Interviewing, LinkedIn, Networking, and Balance.

Effective Networking, PDF Click Here

Pascale Haspil, CNM presenter, provides networking insights into expanding your circle of contacts, enhancing your industry and functional knowledge, and discovering who’s who within organizations.


LinkedIn_Tools Training, PPT Click Here
Please be patient as the file loads or go to the category drive for faster access.

Jerry Jones, a CNM workshop presenter and Senior Advisor to the Job Search Teams, shares a comprehensive LinkedIn presentation (151 slides) entitled Tug of War to Get LinkedIn on Your Side. He delves into various topics such as networking, posting, LinkedIn mechanics, name changes, hashtags, and much more. The presentation also outlines the essential strategies for optimizing your LinkedIn profile. These key PPT sections can also be found in the Marketing-Personal Branding category.

Tips for Posting on LinkedIn, PDF Click Here

This document provides a number of good nuggets of information. This includes ideas for posts such as comments, hashtags, images, video resources, and several reference articles. Please note: an updated website article in July 2023 listed below discusses changes to the LinkedIn Algorithm.

Entrepeneur Visit Website

In July 2023, Jason Feifer, editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, discussed the recent changes to LinkedIn's algorithm in an article titled "LinkedIn Changed Its Algorithms — Here's "How Your Posts Will Get More Attention Now." He emphasizes the importance of sharing "knowledge and advice" to maximize your reach.

Career Sherpa Visit Website

Founder Hannah Morgan in this article, "How to Use LinkedIn Effectively During Your Job Search (From the pros)" shares resources about harnessing the power of LinkedIn in your job search from a curated collection of articles by job search experts, resume writers, and career coaches. Discover essential tips on optimizing your profile, leveraging hidden tools, and networking effectively to advance your career prospects.




Informational Interview Articles Visit Website

This website provides free resources on informational interviews, including free sample request letters that you can copy and paste, a list of the best questions to ask at informational interviews. and little known strategies on how to find people who will happily meet you for an informational interview. For example, to view and download the PDF of Questions to ask at an Informational Interview Click Here 


Elephants in the Room, PDF Click Here

Rob Jolles, a CNM guest speaker, provides networking tips and suggests how to answer the interview question "Why are you leaving your current position?" and how to explain an employment gap.

Eleven Prompts to Turn Your Resume Into an Interview Magnet, PDF Click Here

Claire Davis, Owner and Founder of Traction Resume, one of the Top 25 experts in the job search process and a CNM guest speaker, gives her thoughts on how your resume can be a stepping stone to an effective interview.

Interview Preparation Outline, PDF Click Here

Malva Daniel Reid, Ph.D, Founder and President of Options Unlimited and Career Strategist, Leadership, and Executive Coach, shares an Interview Preparation Outline.

Finding and Telling Your Story in Today's Job Market, PDF Click Here

Alex Harrington, GCDF, CCSP, a CNM workshop presenter, explains how finding, embracing, and telling your story is paramount today for successful career transitions. He reviews insights on STAR stories and personal branding.

SOAR Template, PDF Click Here

Pascale Haspil presents the S.O.A.R. Technique for telling your stories in an interview.



Job Negotiations, PPT Click Here

Kim Arrindell, a CNM guest speaker, shares her expertise in evaluating and negotiating a job offer. Her topics include researching before securing an offer, evaluating the offer, and negotiating the offer.

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