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CNM  founding members and volunteers in group photo celebrating the 10th anniversary during a CNM Christmas party at @MBC.

What began as a small gathering of job seekers sharing their elevator pitches in a church basement has evolved into one of the East Coast's most prominent job seeker support groups, assisting thousands in securing their next career opportunity.

Career Network Ministry - CNM has been an unwavering source of support for individuals in career transitions for over three decades. CNM, operated entirely by volunteers, has been remarkably privileged to have such committed individuals in its leadership, including Clint Gortney, Mike and Chris Neitzey, and Gail F. Crockett, who played pivotal roles in guiding the organization during its early years.

Amid the 2008 recession, Bob Korzeniewski, our current Executive Director, assumed the helm of CNM, overseeing the expansion of both the programs and support services offered by CNM and the volunteer team that provided them. CNM's weekly Tuesday night meetings featured a diverse lineup of job skill workshops, individual counseling, and knowledgeable guest speakers, attracting up to 200 participants each week.

In 2020, as a response to the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, CNM swiftly pivoted to offering all programs and support services virtually — expanding our reach to job seekers across the United States and in multiple countries. The introduction of virtual Job Search Teams continues to ensure members receive support and mutual accountability in their job search, regardless of their location.

With the continued selfless contributions and expertise, of our volunteers, many of whom have served CNM for 10 years or more, CNM will continue to fulfill its mission — offering job seekers the free valuable resources, practical guidance, and emotional support needed to navigate a successful job search.

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