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Top CNM Job Resources

Explore CNM's collection of documents and website materials using the hyperlinks below. 

Download the files using the hyperlinks below. You can also find these files in related topic categories from the Resources page.

  • Career Network Ministry Job Search Manual, PDF Click Here

CLG Recruiting YouTube Channel Visit Website

Melanie Woods, head of recruiting company CLG Recruiting and a CNM presenter, shares some of her best job advice via her YouTube channel. Her channel has 200+ short videos on every aspect of a job search, including how to apply for specific companies. A MUST-SEE resource for all job seekers!

One resource is the Elevate Your Job Search in 2024 with Our Proven #resume Format! #jobsearch. In this video, she walks through the different resume parts, explains why they are the way they are, and and will even send you a word doc of the template for your use. Full Disclosure: she requests your email address via a Google Form to obtain the file.

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