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VaNessa Vollmer

VaNessa Vollmer

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Job Search Team Leader

VaNessa Vollmer was drawn to CNM by their dynamic programs in the midst the 2020 pandemic. Through Zoom in the Career Network Ministry’s Community, VaNessa learned valuable insights from the members. This led to her to join an accountability group in early 2023, and she returns this Fall to co-facilitate as a Job Search Team Accountability Leader.


VaNessa is known for setting up professionals and organizations to succeed! She orchestrated Global Leadership Programs in Aerospace, HiTech Manufacturing, forging partnerships with leaders in Corporate, Government, and Non-Profit sectors. Her expertise lies in analyzing business problems and offering solutions focused.  Successful one-on-one leadership coaching and development for C-level executives and support staff is focused on strengths. With her background in Human Resources, Information Technology, Training, Organizational Development and Psychology, she draws from experience and knowledge to facilitate successful business processes. Grounded in practicality and fortified by research-based methodologies, VaNessa’s approach paves the way for transformative success in business transactions.


VaNessa spearheaded a collaborative book, Adapt or Perish How to Survive the Firestorm of Change in Business, Leadership, and Careers. She recently presented on AI and the Workplace, and Key Considerations for AI Policies and Best Practices and the Future of Work.

VaNessa has played significant roles in various leadership capacities. She’s served as an Area Director and currently VPPR in Toastmasters International.  Her community service has included roles as Scholarship Chair for the PIHRA Foundation and supporting retiring military as they successfully transition to Corporate America through the Marine Executive Association West at Camp Pendleton.


She graduated from U.C. Irvine and completed her Doctorate degree at Alliant International University.


In her leisure time, VaNessa follows her curiosity in AI, technology, hiking, music, Astronomy, photography, gardening, and Neuroscience in Leadership.

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