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Sue Butler

Sue Butler

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Presenter - Resume Workshop

Sue Butler's background has been a blend of being a senior corporate executive (corporate sales and business development VP), an individual sales producer in the global talent mobility industry (selling to and negotiating international relocation contracts with Fortune 1000 companies), an executive recruiter placing senior executives nationwide, a business owner(running two different companies in two different industries), and a high school Speech and Debate Coach and English teacher. All of these experiences brought her to join the CNM volunteer team almost 15 years ago. She knows what decision-makers seek in candidates and she brings that perspective to counseling jobseekers.

Today job search and networking have changed tremendously. Candidates must adapt to the new "digital" ways to do both. One thing has not changed, however, and that is the ability to build relationships, sell and differentiate oneself, and ask for referrals. Sue sees herself as a resource, a sounding board, a job search counselor, and an individual who really cares about helping those whom we meet via CNM and someone who wants to assist and connect all who come through our "CNM doors" with anyone who might be a catalyst to that next amazing step on one's career journey!

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