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Sherry Chiasson

Sherry Chiasson

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Senior Content Writing Consultant

Sherry Chiasson is an accomplished writer who joined the Career Network Ministry in 2013. She now serves as a consultant, grateful for the wisdom she has gained from this community.

Sherry holds a Master of Business Administration in Health Administration from Temple University and a Bachelor of Social Work from the Pennsylvania State University. Her background spans the fields of healthcare, education, and technology. 

The majority of Sherry’s career has been dedicated to improving healthcare for patients, advancing knowledge for healthcare providers, and supporting service members, veterans, and families in the Military Health System. She has also taught English as a Second Language, empowering people worldwide to communicate effectively. 

Sherry has collaborated on a number of award-winning teams as an expert in content writing. She has worn the hats of senior medical, technical, and scientific writer for numerous print and web-based materials.

In recent years, Sherry transitioned into the role of senior technical writer, focusing on user experience (UX). She enjoys collaborating with subject matter experts to translate complex material into clear, concise language.

Looking ahead, Sherry is enthusiastic about supporting CNM and its partner, Federal Career Connection, Inc. She looks forward to new opportunities along her writing journey.

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