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Sarah Madden

Sarah Madden

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Sarah Madden has dedicated over a decade to serving at Career Network Ministry - CNM , making a tangible impact with her expertise and commitment. At CNM, Sarah helped to author, edit, and continue to revise the CNM Job Search Manual, a practical resource that's invaluable for individuals navigating the job market. Sarah is also a key member of the LinkedIn team, coaching individuals on optimizing their online profiles. Her guidance enables professionals to make the most of their presence on the platform. For several years, Sarah has been instrumental in coordinating CNM's Annual Christmas Networking Party, an event that draws over 200 participants. Her ability to coordinate such an occasion illustrates her knack for planning and handling the details.

In her professional career as a Senior Technical Writer, Sarah created instructor guides for vital Air Force cyber investigations training. In addition, she rewrote the security and privacy policies for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). She has also served as a confidential assistant for both the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the U.S. Department of Education for the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars.

Sarah’s work has also had a global aspect as an editor of research documents and preparer of QA reports for the EU and United Nations. Sarah says, “Whatever I do, my core values are clarity and truth — with a dose of diplomacy.”

Her editing contracts with esteemed entities like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Raytheon Missile Systems, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) underscore her versatility and reputation for excellence. She has also edited textbooks, doctorial dissertations, and nonfiction books for various authors.

Sarah has also done volunteer work with the Red Cross and the Eagle Scouts. CNM is very thankful to have such a multi-talented and committed volunteer as Sarah working with us.

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