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Ron Baron

Ron Baron

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Job Search Team Leader

Ron Baron is a strategic Financial Business Partner to Sales Leadership in high tech organizations. His extensive leadership experience spans from Fortune 100 enterprises to dynamic startups across a range of industries, including Data Centers, Healthcare IT, Software, Wireless, Satellite Imagery, and Telecommunications.

With a global perspective gained from working in the US, Canada, UK, and Brazil, Ron brings a nuanced understanding of diverse job markets. He excels as a strategic business partner, driving revenue growth, optimizing expenses, streamlining processes, and providing invaluable decision support.

Ron's specialized skills encompass Financial/ Operations Analysis, Budgeting/ Forecasting, Sales Pipeline Forecasting/ Analysis, Business Case Development, Strategic Planning, Pricing, Salesforce CRM, and Project Management.

In September, 2022, Ron joined CNM as a Job Search Team Accountability Leader, sharing his financial insights and support guiding job seekers towards their professional goals.

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