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Raj Bezwada

Raj Bezwada

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Audio Visual Technician

With over 20 years of experience in Information Technologies, Raj Bezwada has excelled as an IT Project Manager and Program Manager, delivering high quality software and hardware solutions to align IT with business objectives. Raj had strong experience in implementing Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management packages at multiple client sites.  His areas of expertise are Data warehousing, Cloud data solutions, data analytics, cyber-security, and IT and business integration services to both corporate and Federal government.  

Why volunteer at CNM?

Raj first visited the Career Network Ministry freshly laid off in 2011. Inspired by a meeting with Bob Korzeniewski , Raj started volunteering in various capacities at CNM before finding his niche as an Audio-Visual volunteer. While he started as an occasional volunteer, Raj soon became a regular volunteer on the AV desk.

Raj views CNM is doing a yeoman service to the jobless individuals in the greater Washington DC area providing services that could otherwise cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Over the years, he has witnessed countless individuals come to CNM, undergo LinkedIn and resume makeovers, prepare for interviews, and ultimately  get jobs. The success stories of these individuals’ fuels Raj to travel almost 40 miles during rush hour to Mclean Bible Church every Tuesday for CNM meetings and make the return journey home.

Raj thanks the dedicated team at CNM both those visible on the front and behind the scenes. Raj appreciates the opportunity provided by Bob, JV, Dave, Debbie, James, Sarah, Edia, and rest of the CNM leadership team, allowing him and other volunteers to give back to the community for a meaningful cause. Also, Raj can’t wait to see the happy faces of all the volunteers on Tuesdays, giving their best at  CNM.

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