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Kristine Nemeth

Kristine Nemeth

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Job Search Team Leader

Kristine Nemeth is an experienced Hire Recruiter specializing in Corporate Positions within large organizations. Holding an AIRS Certification as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, she brings extensive experience in the entire recruitment life cycle.

Kristine's recruitment expertise covers a diverse spectrum, focusing on Technology, Engineering, Compliance, Accounting, Finance, Sales, and Marketing. Known for her high energy and proactive approach, she is recognized as a self-starting recruiter who excels in collaborating with leadership to build a productive and cohesive workforce, resulting in lower attrition rates.

In addition to her recruitment skills, Kristine is highly attuned to the needs of both clients and candidates, ensuring a responsive and personalized experience for everyone involved.

In Winter of 2023, Kristine began volunteering as a Job Search Leader for CNM. This role demonstrates her dedication to guiding and empowering individuals in their job search journeys.

Kristine's commitment to excellence in recruitment, combined with her passion for supporting individuals in their career pursuits, make her an asset to any organization and a cherished member of the CNM community.

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