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JV Venable

JV Venable

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Master of Ceremonies

JV Venable begins his elevator pitch with “I may be the luckiest man alive.” And anyone who has heard JV’s personal story will agree. However, Career Network Ministry considers itself to be the “luckiest” to have JV as a dedicated volunteer for over 10 years.


JV is known as CNM’s resident “Elevator Pitch Expert," or as he calls it an “Elevating Pitch.” He has helped hundreds of job seekers to land their next job with his workshops and his one-on-one job search coaching. JV is the emcee of CNM’s Tuesday night’s main meeting and also one of the group’s most popular speakers.


Like the majority of Career Network Ministry’s volunteers, JV first attended the ministry as a job seeker and after landing a job decided to give back by becoming a volunteer to help other job seekers.


JV is a 25-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force who served in three combat operations and fulfilled his big dream by becoming commander of the celebrated USAF Thunderbirds. He is a senior research fellow for defense policy at the Heritage Foundation, an inspirational speaker, and the author of “Breaking the Trust Barrier.”

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