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Edia Stanford-Bruce

Edia Stanford-Bruce

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Prayer Team Leader

Edia Stanford-Bruce is a long-time CNM volunteer serving as our prayer leader. She is a dynamic contributor who not only delivers positive, encouraging messages of faith in the opening and closing prayers for each meeting but also manages the prayer team that answers the prayer requests from the CNM participants. She is an inspiration to many and has a wonderful servant’s heart that cares deeply about our members and their personal, professional, and spiritual well-being.

Edia is multi-talented being a teacher, journalist, and blogger of the workforce experience. She is the founder of Fruitivity4Life LLC, an education company committed to helping professionals take the next step on their journey of personal and professional development. In addition to being a life management educator, Edia is the author of “Frutivity,” a book that presents a way of looking at life and careers like the seasons – each requiring special tools and tasks in order to yield successful results.

In her workshops and coaching sessions, she works with adults on navigating life transitions, life and career management, and aligning life for optimum personal and professional development. Edia connects with people in an authentic manner, not just educating them but inspiring them to take action.

Edia holds an M.Ed. from Rutgers University and a degree in journalism from Norfolk State University. She shares this season of life with her husband of over 35 years, the Reverand Dr. George W. H. Bruce in Reston, VA.

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