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Debbie Replogle

Debbie Replogle

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Executive Program Director

Debbie Replogle is passionate about helping people find jobs. During her own career transition, she discovered CNM and began volunteering. For the past 8+ years, she has served as the Program Director and Administrative Coordinator for CNM. In this role, Debbie oversees all organizational operations, including managing an impressive 500+ annual workshops and events, coordinating volunteers, handling financial matters, developing strategic plans, creating outreach materials, supervising social media efforts, and connecting members to valuable resources. You name it she does it! Debbie is firmly committed to ensuring CNM fulfills its mission, and she says, "I absolutely love what I do!"

Debbie's career journey has been marked by both success and diversity. She began her early career in education, excelling as a theatre teacher and serving as a founding faculty member at a performing arts magnet high school. Furthermore, she was an English instructor at Auburn University in her hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.

Upon her relocation to the DMV area, Debbie embarked on redefining her career. She ventured into corporate sales for a national bookstore, serving prestigious clients such as the National Press Club, the Washington Post, the State Department, the Presidential Library, and the First Family. Subsequently, she transitioned into a Corporate Trainer position at Booz Allen Hamilton and attained certifications as a Myers-Briggs practitioner, a Master Trainer, and an Instructional Designer specializing in developing and delivering training programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Departing from the corporate sector, Debbie entered the nonprofit realm, lending her talents to various organizations. In addition to her role at CNM, she also serves as the Social Media Manager for the nonprofit Federal Career Connection (FCC).

Beyond her professional achievements, Debbie possesses a wealth of experience in professional theatre, radio, and television. Her remarkable career path showcases her unwavering commitment to helping others, her versatility, and her ability to thrive in various professional domains.

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