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Dave Peirce

Dave Peirce

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Audio Visual Lead

David Peirce has more than 25 years in business development and delivery of technology and services solutions, including geospatial data analytics, cyber-security, and IT integration to national government and commercial customers. David is known for intuitive problem-solving, developing in-depth customer relationships, and capturing new business revenue streams by recognizing critical business issues, success factors, and emerging/changing customer requirements. He has held Business Development leadership positions with Lockheed Martin, GTSI, and AECOM, and is currently business development lead at Esri serving the US Department of Energy and federal energy agencies.

Why David volunteers at CNM?

In 2010, he was introduced to CNM while working through his own job transition. His experience with CNM and our team of volunteers was life-changing, helping him recognize and communicate his strengths, attributes, and value to potential employers. Along the way, CNM also helped him recognize his spiritual gifts and a greater purpose to serve others. Ever since this work has blessed him in more ways than imagined and has led him to continue serving ever since. David always gains something from every CNM session, even if he's heard the speaker or workshop topic presented before.

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