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Corliss Jackson

Corliss Jackson

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Presenter-Federal Jobs Workshop

Corliss Jackson is an expert consultant regarding the public service, corporate, and non-profit sectors’ recruitment and hiring processes. With over 25 years as an HR professional, she spent 10 of those in the Federal government as an HR senior leader and HR Director of a Federal agency. Armed with that experience, she started her consulting firm, Freedom International, Inc., of which Manifest Consulting Group and Federal Job Results are a part.

She was also the author of the Washington Post’s weekly Federal jobs column, Corliss’s Corner, in which she advised job seekers in the Washington, DC area on various career transition topics.

With vast knowledge of the recruitment field, Ms. Jackson and her staff provide individual guidance to job seekers around the world and deliver online and on-ground training courses on various topics for job seekers and clinicians.

Ms. Jackson’s latest activity has been the creation and publication of, Cracking the Federal Job Code: Top Secret Tips for Today’s Federal Job Seeker, a book that provides step-by-step information about how to successfully land a federal position.

She has also developed a curriculum for other job coaches to master the recruitment and hiring processes. The personal attention and assistance received by her clients has resulted in tens of thousands of job seekers being placed in public service, corporate, military, and non-profit positions.

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