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Chris Westbrook

Chris Westbrook

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Presenter-Transferable Skills Workshop

Christine (Chris) Westbrook is a talent-development leader who guides individuals and organizations to achieve maximum performance through high-impact, strategic personal and organizational change.

Chris currently facilitates leadership, management, and professional skills training for public, private, and nonprofit audiences. She also consults and provides career counseling services through a variety of nonprofits. Presently, she serves as a Workshop Facilitator for Career Network Ministry. In addition, she serves as Curriculum Director for the Federal Career Connection, Inc.

Ms. Westbrook served in three directorates of the Central Intelligence Agency as an intelligence analyst, manager, and talent leader. She served last as Deputy Director of CIA’s premier foreign-language school. Prior to this, she served on the CIA Director’s team to create a Talent Center of Excellence to hire, develop, and oversee the management of the CIA’s workforce. For her last nine years at the CIA, Ms. Westbrook also created and facilitated leadership and management training, with a focus on change leadership. Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Ms. Westbrook recruited a new generation of analysts for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Chris received her BA in Government from The College of William and Mary. She earned a Master’s degree in Political Science and a second Master’s degree in Human Resource Development from George Washington University.

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