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Antoine Cantsilieris

Antoine Cantsilieris

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Job Search Team Leader

Antoine Cantsilieris brings over 30 years of experience working in IT, consultancy and general management fields for multinational Fortune 100 corporations, operating in the Energy, Food and Beverage, IT, and Aerospace industries. Antoine also worked in sales and marketing in the financial management industry for about 2 years. During his career, Antoine had the privilege to visit and work in several countries in most of the continents and he was exposed to several cultures, and that enabled him to learn from, understand, respect, accept and appreciate all types of differences and always be inclusive. Antoine is also multilingual and able to communicate in English, French and Arabic.

Antoine is a client and cost-focused IT and program manager, using Agile approaches in ERP and integrated systems implementations with strong understanding of finance, materials and logistics, marketing and sales. He is very seasoned in business process improvement and reengineering. He is also known for recurring trusting relationships with his management, key stakeholders and team members and was always recognized for driving growth and efficiency.

Antoine’s academic foundation includes 3 Master Degrees in Business Administration, Information Technology and Chemistry. Antoine is also a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and also has several other specialized certificates (PMP, CISM,..etc).

Antoine immigrated to the US at the end of 2018, and this coincided with his own career transition as well as with the pandemic. Antoine enjoyed the immense support and resources that he was provided being a member of the CNM, and he learned and used lots of tools and techniques that enabled him to efficiently market his experience and effectively overcome all the challenges he faced as a new immigrant being introduced to a new job market during a global pandemic.

The diverse blend of experience and knowledge that Antoine accumulated during his career journey enabled him, not only to develop his hard and soft skills as well as his key competencies, but also created in him a passion and willingness to commit to making a positive impact by serving as a dedicated volunteer and mentor in the CNM and other organizations, and allocate time and efforts to help, coach, develop, drive innovation, ignite positive change and add value to others during their career path and transitions.

Antoine welcomes you to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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