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Aaron Navarro

Aaron Navarro

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Audio-Visual Technician

Aaron Navarro’s journey with CNM started in April 2019 after an MBC intern recommended the ministry while attending the dynamic Young Adults Ministry, CityWide, during a time when he was looking for his first position after college. He was also an intern on the MBC IT team, gaining experience for a future career.


The support he received at CNM ranged from invaluable resume tips to listening to many recruiters’ suggestions, and networking with multiple other job seekers. During a quarterly recruiters’ event at CNM, he met with a recruiter that culminated in a pivotal role that kickstarted his career in October 2019. He remains profoundly grateful for the instrumental assistance CNM provided during this critical phase of his professional growth and continues to serve CNM.


Through March 2020, Aaron dedicated his expertise as an Audio-Visual Technician for both CityWide and CNM. Aaron assisted in the audio needs of over 200 weekly young adults and 100 weekly job seekers, ensuring each live session was seamless. After the resumption of Citywide and CNM live events following the challenges of COVID, Aaron seamlessly returned to both roles and eventually took charge of the Citywide media team.


As an experienced System Administrator, Aaron adeptly delivers Tier 2 IT services to end-users, showcasing proficiency in a diverse tech stack including MS Exchange, MS Windows, macOS, COTS applications, MECM, and SSL certificates. Aaron also assists with numerous essential projects, such as implementing redesign services, building domain controllers, troubleshooting both CAs and PKI certs, and scripting applications using PowerShell. Complementing his skills, Aaron holds a solid educational background as a Cybersecurity Analyst.


The ministries of Citywide and CNM, along with assisting the MBC IT team, propelled him into the System Administrator he is today. But more importantly, all three ministries helped him in his walk with Christ and deepen his relationship with him. Due to this, Aaron is forever grateful for MBC.

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