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Job Search Team Leader




Time Commitment

Co-lead virtual group for a 1.5-to-2-hour group session over 10 weeks. Both day and evening sessions are available. Time off accommodations are available for holiday, vacation, or personal needs. Almost all Team leaders are paired with a co-leader to help their teams and provide scheduling flexibility.

Report To

Senior Job Search Leader

About the Role

As a Team Leader, you will:

  • Motivate, empathize, and guide team members through CNM’s virtual 10-week structured job accountability program.

  • Provide coaching in effective job search techniques to help team members overcome employment-related challenges.

  • Utilize CNM group forum for networking opportunities, goal posting, job openings, or sharing of other job resources. Training is provided to demonstrate how our group uses the platform.

  • Deliver program curriculum as outlined in the Team Leader Guidebook for meeting agenda and discussion topics.

  • Use focused questioning techniques to aid Team members in developing actionable SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals and holding them accountable to meet their commitments.

  • Promote diverse information on job opportunities, speaker events etc. or suitable career paths based on team members' skills, qualifications, interests, and experience.

  • Monitor team member progress and collaborate with teams to ensure each member's success in the program. Maintain team member roster spreadsheet.

  • Attend one Leader training meeting prior to the start of the series to review program curriculum and team group expectations.

  • Attend an additional two 1-hour Team Leader Meetings over the course of 10 weeks.

  • OPTIONAL: Additional value if you have interest to present a job topic of your expertise during the 10 weeks series for all team members to attend.


  • Background preferred in human resource management, education, psychology, business or related fields.

  • Previous higher education, business, recruiting or career counseling/coaching experience is preferred.  

  • Sound knowledge of different jobs and career paths is helpful.

  • Effective communication skills, verbal and written. Ability to explain ideas in understandable terms to team members in different stages of their job search. 

  • Strong interpersonal skills to develop, maintain, and facilitate collaborative relationships with diverse people in diverse fields.

  • Exceptional listening skills and ability to give honest, constructive, positive feedback.  Providing tough love is needed for team members to grow and succeed in their job search.

  • Comfortable conducting meetings virtually both one-on-one and to a group of 10-12 members.

  • Good organizational, time management, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

  • Previous experience using Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or other video conferencing platforms are helpful.

  • Ability to learn and use CNM’s communication platform. Good computer skills (Microsoft Office, Google Suite) are extremely helpful.

Additional Information

Got questions? Reach out to us today to learn more about volunteering and share your skills and expertise via LinkedIn or your resume. Otherwise, if you're on board now, select the blue button below to provide us with your interest area(s) and contact details.

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