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General Interest Volunteer

ALL: Remote, Hybrid, Onsite



Time Commitment

Times can vary based on your availability to volunteer and the role.

Report To

To Be Announced (TBA) Based on Role

About the Role

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you have a passion for connecting with people and spreading awareness?

  • Are you organized and detail-oriented, with a knack for keeping things running smoothly?

  • Do you enjoy helping others improve their interview skills and boost their confidence?

  • Are you skilled at providing constructive feedback on resumes to help job seekers present their best selves on paper?

  • Do you have a talent for identifying engaging speakers who can inspire and motivate our community?

  • Is there a specific skill or interest that you'd like to contribute to our job search networking group?


  • Believe in the Career Network Ministry vision and mission

  • Enjoy computer work in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint

  • Thrive when organizing, assisting with processes, and managing timelines

  • Like being part of a fast-paced team, interacting with people, and having fun!

Additional Information

If you are interested in volunteering and/or learning more about this role, please select the blue button below to provide us with your interest area(s) and contact details.

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