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Richard Brown

Richard Brown

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Job Search Team Leader

Richard Brown is passionate about serving other people and giving back, which fills up his cup. He teaches the critical job search skills and strategies to find your next opportunity. He also coaches individuals that may have the basic skills, but need assistance in one or two areas, that are stuck or struggling to make progress. He is also passionate about leadership and speaking to other leaders about their experiences.

Richard is an Information Technology leader who has a passion to serve others and executing solutions for the business He has led IT service and support, operations, engineering, transformation and project management teams.

While at DHL, he was able to save a 10 million-dollar customer from leaving by resolving several critical business failures with a single integrated IT Solution. This resulted in 20 million dollars cost savings and a yearly reoccurring cost savings of 5 million dollars. The secret to his success has been his innate ability to provide direction and clarity during IT chaos with strategic business acumen with extreme ownership.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Directed a world-class IT Department with 28 employees, 2 managers, 22 remote facilities with 24x7 support for a $900 Million company.

  • Architected a five-year strategic solution roadmap for telecommunication, networking, and security for DHL to resolve network performance, set standards, reduce cost, and improve reliability, scalability, and security.

  • Executive Sponsor in First Choice initiative to improve corporate ticketing, incident management, knowledge base system, and change management with reporting.

  • Resolved business customer security and loss prevention, by designing and deploying integrated office and facility IP Security Solution. This included media server, cameras, access control, motion detection, IP Horns W/IP Multicast. This project saved the company over 2.5 million-dollars annually in hardware, support, and maintenance. Within the first year, with 15 facilities loss prevention reported saving over 5 million dollars to the executive committee.

  • Led and project managed over 30 facility moves or openings, plus two data center moves.

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Richard Brown

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