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Gail Freiday Crockett

Gail Freiday Crockett

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Resource Mentor

Gail Freiday Crockett has over 20 plus years volunteering at the Career Network Ministry. Presently, she serves as a Resource Mentor. From 2020 to 2023, Gail served as a CNM Senior Job Search Leader for Accountability Teams. In that role, she helped recruit team leads, interview applicants for placement, and assisted with other issues for the job search accountability teams. These teams are free, open to all, and runs twice a year for 10 weeks.

Gail has 17 previous years in the staffing and recruiting area, including stints as a recruiter, speaker on job search, branch manager, and director of the permanent placement division. Early in her career, she also served a stint in HR for a Fortune 500 company as well as sat on the board of the Association of Part Time Professionals.

Gail is retired and has a side business on Ebay under "tinksjewelbox" selling vintage costume jewelry, representing eras from the early 1900s to current day, fun figurals, as well as some of the well-known costume jewelry designers of their era, like Trifari, Joseff, Coro, Hagler, etc. Follow her on Ebay to see new additions.

Gail likes to consider herself "yeast". She has run and started up all kinds of groups, clubs, and organizations as well as a new business division. Her current passions include an Investment Club she co-founded 24 years ago, which follows individual stocks and is still going strong. Gail also started a "Money Club" for women, following the Women in Financial Education model, so that women can get smarter with all things financial (neither group sells anything, just about learning). Even if you have a financial advisor, you need to know how conditions change so you can ask better questions. The fact that 80% of all women will be by themselves at some point in their life has been the motivation for those two groups.

Follow Gail on LinkedIn as she posts articles about job search as well as financial articles. Gail loves learning new things in all areas and will be adding some articles about climate change and its implications.

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