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Misrak Weldu

Misrak Weldu

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Job Search Team Leader

Misrak Weldu is a results-oriented strategic financial leader with a robust background in FP&A, operations, program management, and pricing. With a proven record in developing and managing complex business cases, pricing strategies, and dynamic financial models, Misrak brings a unique blend of expertise to the table.

As an accomplished financial business partner, Misrak excels in leading teams and providing technical expertise to successfully complete large, complex projects. The ability to partner effectively with sales organizations and business unit leadership has been a key driver in achieving superior performance and results.

Experienced in Lean Six Sigma principles, Misrak is dedicated to driving process improvement and efficiency across the business landscape. Strong communication and presentation skills, coupled with proficiency in Arabic, English, and French, make Misrak an invaluable asset in breaking down barriers and fostering connections within diverse communities.

Having joined CNM during a career transition and became a volunteer in 2019, Misrak brings a passion for making a difference in those in career transition, combining financial acumen with a heart-driven approach. With a focus on leadership, effective team management, and building cross-functional relationships, Misrak is committed to contributing to the impactful mission of CNM.

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